Caring Comfort At Home

Person-centred Care

Gem Homecare provides effective person-centred care to vulnerable adults 18-65 and over. We have specialist team members focused on caring for individuals with dementia, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and autism

Knowledge Led &

Experience Driven

Our strength lies in over 10years' experience and knowledge within the health care sector.

  • Our services are delivered at home. There are such positive feelings that people associate with being home.
  • Our home care is personalised. It is tailored to individual needs  and is delivered on a one-to-one basis.
  • Our care serves to keep the elderly independent. None of us want to be dependent and helpless. 
  • Our services keeps families together.  It is important in times of illness having your loved ones around you.

What makes us different

GEM Homecare Ltd is Nurse led and all our leadership team are registered nurses bringing in a wealth of knowledge and experience in general nursing and mental health care sector to our business. 

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding specialised care service parallel to non. Our organisation's structure, the systems and processes by which work is carried out, the behaviour and attitudes of employees, our organisation's values and management leadership style makes us different

The quality of care we offer and how we treat our clients and staff with respect and dignity makes us different. We value our clients privacy and treat each client with dignity & respect

Our Services

At Gem Homecare we beileve in quality over quantity when it comes to care giving. Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field and with many years of experience in the health care industry.


Our dementia care package is designed to support people living with dementia and who have complex health needs that require care and support from carers. Our experienced carers employ exciting & innovative person-centred care options & believe every person is different. Our approach can help dementia clients maintain a good quality of life.

Mental Health

Our team of dedicated carers will help you understand the condition of your loved ones and work tirelessly to prevent mental health symptoms from dominating their life. Our person-focused care plans are designed to give you the tools and techniques you need to manage the challenges and improve your quality of life over time. 

Sensory Impairment

Sensory impairments can affect hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Sensory disabilities are most common in older adults and are more likely to affect their physical health and quality of life. Whilst sensory impairment disabilities cannot be cured, our team of dedicated carers will work tirelessly often targeting the symptoms of sensory disabilities in an effort to improve the quality of life of our client.

Learning Disability

Learning disability affects the way a we learn new things throughout our lives. No two people are the same, a person with a learning disability might have some difficulty understanding complicated information, learning some skills or looking after themselves or living alone. Our specialist carers will support clients with learning disability to develop new skills, understand complicated information and interact with other people.


Autism can lead to difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and the presence of repetitive behavior or restricted interests. Autistic people can find any kind of change difficult, our team of carers will help them on dealing with change. They will help put routine around daily activities such as meals or bedtime. They will ensure routines are followed precisely and with attention paid to the tiniest details.

End of Life

Our end of life package enables individuals to remain in their own homes to receive end-of-life care. Our carers, specially trained will pay home visits at arranged times of the day or overnight. The home visits are used to provide breaks for family members or other carers, or to assist with personal care. 

Adults 18-65

At Gem homecare we have care service packages designed for adults aged 18-65 with learning disabilities, autism & other developmental disorders, mental health or communication needs.

Adults Over 65

We have a team of excellent carers for the over 65s offering Companionship, Dementia/Alzheimer's  care, Domestic Services / Home Help,  & Serving High Dependency Care. Contact us for more details.

Our Duty of Care

It is our legal obligation to:

  • always act in the best interest of our clients
  • not act in a way that results in harm to clients
  • protect our clients from abuse
  • maintain good records of care given
  • have effective systems to deal with and respond to complaints
  • act within our competence and not take on anything we do not believe we can safely do



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Knowledge Led  & Experience Driven

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